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Hot Crack Fill
 Hot Crackfill MachineWith the addition of our new Stepp 125 gallon melter and our professional staff still in place, we have all the necessary pieces to handle the largest of crackfilling projects. In addition heating the material to optimal temperature for application, the Stepp melter also reduces down time therefore making our crackfilling service more cost effective for you commercial space or parking lot.


You can increase the life of your blacktop, for a fraction of the cost of replacement with annual maintenance.  Wouldn’t you rather a bill in the hundreds rather than the thousands? Unlike sealcoating, which you should do every 2 to 3 years, the cracks that appear in your blacktop should be addressed annually.  Besides ruining your curb appeal, a crack WILL lead to other, much worse issues if ignored.

Water will penetrate through the crack and begin to disrupt the sub base of the blacktop.  Once the base is impacted many issues can develop.  For sure more cracks in that area will form as well as the possibility of pot holes and depressions.

Hot crack filling consists of cleaning any debris caught in the crack and applying melted rubberized tar directly into the crack.  This not only fills the entire void of the crack but seals the edges, preventing water from entering.  This process is considered a permanent fix 90-95% of the time.

This method however is not for every crack.asphalt spider cracks

  • 1st The crack must have at least ¼” gap for the tar to get into.
  • 2nd The gap shouldn’t be greater than an 1 ½”
  • 3rd Areas where the cracks have developed into a spider web type patter can not be repaired with this method.

Also, to dispel a common misnomer, you do not need to sealcoat after applying the hot crack filler.  The crack filler seals itself and will be adequate maintenance in between your sealer applications.


CW Sealcoating Hot Crack Fill

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