Terms of Services

Below is a list of our terms of services. We hope this will give some additional information on what to expect through your sealcoting and/or blacktop repair project.

  • We apply Copeland’s sand slurry sealer on all of our jobs. Copeland’s
    has been manufacturing sealer for over 60 years.
  • Unless a specific type of application is requested in advance, we reserve the right to apply the sealer by the method (brush or spray) we feel is most appropriate for your driveway.   Each driveway has different needs and therefore we will use the application that best fills those needs.
  • Unless otherwise stated, crackfilling is NOT included in your sealcoating quote.
  • Sealcoating is not a substitute for crack filling.
  • Only the cracks that meet the required criteria on our repairs page
    will be filled & your estimate only includes the cracks that can be
  • The hot crack filler WILL still be visible even after your driveway is sealed.
  • Any oil spots will be primed with a chemical that works approximately
    90% of the time.
  • Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice.
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